Our All New Twitter Award Package

Our All New Twitter Award Package Did you know that there are four key Twitter awards (#SBS, Queen Of/King Of, WOW and SmartSocial)? Did you know that each has its own dedicated, motivated following plus numerous other benefits?  Well, one lady knows all about them and we’re delighted to be working with her! Introducing Claire……

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It’s An Honour, Ma’am

It’s An Honour, Ma’am The Honours System in the UK really is the pinnacle of acknowledgement and achievement.  The Honours System recognises people who have either made a significant contribution in public life or who have committed themselves to serving and helping Britain.  In short, it’s all about making life better for other people or…

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And Now For Something Completely Different!

And Now For Something Completely Different! We’re used to getting all sorts of calls about all sorts of different awards here at The Awards People.  Many of the awards we’ve heard of – as you would expect, however, one call intrigued us no end.  When Olasubomi Aina MBE called us she wanted to know if…

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Let’s talk about Fizz…

Let’s talk about Fizz… Regular viewers of The Awards People’s vlogs will know that we always treat our guests to three quick fire questions at the end of our chat.  These relate to their celebrations upon winning awards: do they high five or bear hug; do they go onto the stage alone or with the…

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Recognising the Strengths of the Family in Business

Recognising the strengths of the family in business This week’s ‘Focus On’ awards category is that of Family Businesses. Occasionally we hear businesses say that they don’t intend to consider Family Awards as they believe that they are only for very small companies and perhaps don’t reflect their own particular breadth of activities or scale…

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Lesser-entered Awards – Diversity and Inclusion

Lesser-entered Awards – Diversity and Inclusion At The Awards People we don’t simply go for the ‘low hanging fruit’ option.  There are many reasons for entering an award and for choosing a particular category. Picking one based solely on the fact that it is undersubscribed is not something we’d condone in itself. That said, if…

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Huge Congratulations to Farhana and Shahid Sheikh OBE

Huge Congratulations to Farhana and Shahid Sheikh OBE By now our regular blog readers will start to recognise some awards events, maybe even specific categories, which have become real favourites of the Leicestershire (and national) business community. This week we turn our attention to an award which we have never yet mentioned, but one which…

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Matching Buzz Words with Awards Buzz

Matching Buzz Words with Awards Buzz As this month marks the beginning of a new decade (yikes!) you‘ve probably already put some thought into future plans and aspirations. When you’re reviewing your plan and setting it in stone within your business strategy, we highly recommend that you have a think about what your ‘buzz words’…

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