Too many awards. Absolutely not

“Aren’t there just awards for everything nowadays?” Well, it’s true that there are many different awards out there, capturing the very best of what’s going on in every sector and industry, but wouldn’t it be much worse if we were to limit what could be awarded and, in doing so, alienate those businesses and individuals…

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Don’t be a Blatherskite

Word of the day We noticed with great interest the other day that the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Word of the Day’ was ‘Blatherskite’. You may think it was perhaps just a quiet day at The Awards People HQ but no, we are always interested by the subject of language and the wonderful things which can…

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award wins

Award wins – Repeat or move on

So, at The Awards People we get contacted with all sorts of questions relating to awards (no surprise there) but just recently we’ve been asked by a few of our clients about re-entering the same awards they won the previous year. The main dilemma is ‘Is it a good thing or bad thing to try…

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eyes on the prize

Keep your eyes on the prize

You have no doubt noticed by now that we often tend to talk (and write) about the additional benefits to be had by entering, and winning, awards. This week we wanted to explore yet another amazing – and very real – reward which comes from awards success: the uplift in visibility and increase in new…

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Five things award champions do well

At The Awards People we are asked for our Top Tips more often than we are asked for anything else so since we are very nice people and do as we are asked (well… sometimes!), here’s our countdown of the top 5 things frequent winners do well. Business award champions will: – Plan Those who…

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