We are The Awards People

We set up The Awards People because we know from experience that there are hundreds of stories out there...

just waiting to be told by people who are simply far too busy to sit down and complete the often daunting award nomination and award submission forms. If you are one of those people who have a great story (or stories) to tell but just haven’t got round to entering that award yet then take heart; you are most definitely not on your own.

If that thing called business (or day-to-day life) just keeps getting in the way, we’re happy to tell you that there’s now something you can do about it! Talk to us here at The Awards People and we will write and submit the award nomination and / or award application for you!

We put your business in the limelight with our award entry writing experts using only the best quality wording for award nominations.


Take a Brief – we’ll listen to what you want to achieve, make suggestions and ask plenty of questions.


Read all supporting material (your website, marketing materials, product & service information, previous award applications if you have any)


Craft a draft award nomination / award application.


Review it with you and action suggested amendments.


Update the draft and present for final checking.


Enter the approved award nomination / award entry on your behalf.


Celebrate like crazy when you are shortlisted, make it to the finals and… win!

The Process

From brief to celebration

The Awards People will take you from the point of considering an award through to having submitted a genuine contender of an entry, reflecting your great achievements whilst addressing the points within the judges’ criteria.

We can even show you how to maximise publicity and raise your profile each step of the way throughout the process. After all, there’s little point in entering an award if you don’t shout about it!

Already put together your own award entry? Don’t worry, we are also very happy to proof-read and edit award applications which you have partly or fully written. A second pair of eyes is always useful…and, as UK etiquette seems to demand, there is a tendency for people to play down or understate their own achievements; not something that’s particularly useful when entering a prestigious and highly competitive awards submission!

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Award Packages

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The Awards People

Over the years we have worked with private individuals, business people, charities, the arts and third-sector organisations, as well as companies across all business sectors including manufacturing and engineering, science and bioscience, health and pharma, energy and renewables, professional services, packaging, creative services… oh the list is endless! We find the right awards for our clients to enter and then take on the often onerous task of actually completing the nomination and application.

At the heart of what we do is ensuring that our client’s voice is heard strongly on each and every award nomination and award application form that we complete upon their behalf.

We don’t have a house style. Every single nomination we complete is unique. We consider ourselves as an extension of you, your team and your business.

We believe very strongly that when you read your draft award nomination or application you recognise yourself, your business, your charity, your organisation at its very best, shining straight back at you… and we can’t wait to write your story.